Statement From The Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology welcomes today’s decision by the major parties to refuse to support Senator Nick Xenophon’s call for an inquiry into the Church and its charitable status.

The political witch hunt constitutes a severe attempted misuse of Parliament to infringe on religious freedom, under the protection of Parliamentary Privilege. 

Today’s rally outside Parliament organised by Senator Xenophon and some disgruntled former members of the Church of Scientology is an attack on religious freedom.

Allegations by some women that they were forced to have abortions are nonsense.

These allegations should be investigated by the police, not by the Senate.

We would urge those people with such complaints to go to the police.

It is not the role of Parliament to investigate any religious organization or seek to use Parliament as a forum for an unfounded attack on any religion.

The Church reiterates that Senator Xenophon’s allegations, old and new, are utterly without foundation.  They are rumours and outright lies by individuals levelling scurrilous accusations against their former religion.

Scientologists across Australia believe in and support their religion and their Church.

Although Senator Xenophon refused to meet with Church representatives prior to raising his unfounded claims in Parliament, the Church has provided the Senate with factual, documented evidence of the falsity of Xenophon’s accusations. These include results of previous investigations by police and government agencies dismissing Xenophon’s allegations. For more information, contact:

Vicki Dunstan: (02) 9638-5200


Also, see the following sites that add more information: Tangled Terms is a short essay, and so is another here: Essay by Scientology’s founder.

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