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The purpose of this blog is to allow us to have my say on issues that we consider important. These will be social issues of interest.

For example, we consider religion important and the right to worship freely as one wishes is important. We feel that all should have the right to practice their own religion. We feel all people are entitled to their own sanity. To understand more, please see the CREED OF THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY in the next blog.

So how far reaching are these blogs? For example, could these blogs appear on the subject of sodium fluoride being put in drinking water? Yes. Sodium Fluoride is a neurotoxin and will affect a person’s sanity and life.

What about killing unborns, the day before birth? A law was just passed in New South Wales condoning this in 2019. Can it be covered by our blogs? Yes.

What about psychiatric drugging? Yes. Obviously. Drug company cheating? Yes.

What about geothermal-engineering? Yes, the spray that is put in the air for this purpose contains aluminium, another neurotoxin, and we will blog about it. It is however, controversial.

Human rights? Yes. And there are also Natural Rights, which is where Human Rights came from. The CREED refers to rights. So this is open to blogging.

We hope you get where to this is going. And we are open to guest bloggers writing for us as well.

The photographs on this site were taken by different people, of around Canberra. It is a very pretty city. We hope you enjoy them. Canberra is home to Federal Parliament of Australia.

For more detailed information on Scientology please contact the Church of Scientology here in Alinga Street. Church of Scientology

For an excellent book of Scientology, to help you evaluate the subject, please read Scientology: A New Slant on Life. A New Slant on life

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