Church Responds to Fourth Xenophon Allegation

Media Release: Church of Scientology Australia

2009-11-27 14:40:20
Publication: AAP PR Releases
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27 November 2009

In a speech in the Senate last week, Senator Nick Xenophon made various allegations concerning the Church of Scientology, including that Church parishioner Peta O’Brien claimed she was ‘discouraged by the Church from seeking treatment for cancer’.

The Church of Scientology is responding factually to each of Senator Xenophon’s allegations for the purpose of placing the truth in the public record.

“The Church categorically denies Ms. O’Brien’s claim that she was discouraged from seeking cancer treatment. In fact, records show the complete opposite,” spokeswoman Virginia Stewart said today.

“In an email to the Church in March 2008, Ms. O’Brien wrote that she had a successful operation to treat her cancer with which she was diagnosed,” Ms Stewart said.

“That email makes no mention of attempts by the Church or Church members to discourage treatment for cancer.

“Indeed it states that she is involved with and happy as a member of the Church of Scientology.”

Church parishioner Wayne Mailey was working with Ms. O’Brien in 1998 when she developed cancer. Mr. Mailey states: “I was informed by my supervisor that Peta needed to seek and follow the advice of medical professionals and that Peta should be given full medical treatment

“Peta was given every opportunity to go and see medical specialists regarding a cancer that she had been diagnosed with and she would see specialists on a regular basis.”

Ms. Stewart said the Church of Scientology

“It is not Church policy to advise any person about medication and the Church never comes between a medical doctor and their patient, nor tell a person what to do with their personal health.

Scientologists, like most people, seek medical advice, undertake medical examinations, have major operations and take the necessary medications to deal with medical conditions. Many doctors also are Scientologists.”

SOURCE: Church of Scientology Australia


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